In a joint initiative with International Confex, Conference & Meetings World, Exhibition News and Conference News, Exhibition World is delighted to announce the launch of the Exhibition World Geo-Adaption Programme.


Our first gathering will take place from the March 1-2, 2023, at the prestigious International Confex Expo, the largest and longest standing event of its kind in terms of seniority, longevity and industry recognition.


With such a critical audience, the Exhibition World Geo-Adaption Programme serves to ensure we connect major event organisers with all points of the value chain, in the successful delivery of new and existing events across new territories.



  Across our 2 day programme, we welcome global leaders of the industry’s most prolific event organisers, sharing their visions and insights for market expansion, geo-adaption, recovery, growth and the challenges associated.

Hearing directly from those leading global expansion plans, we explore their pain points, aspirations and wish lists in sourcing new partners and suppliers, building a roadmap for service integration throughout all points of delivery.


The 2 day programme will accumulate an unrivalled gathering of the most senior leaders from across the industry’s most predominant international event organisers, in debate, discussion and honest review of the global playing field, their needs and development plans for international expansion.


Supported by numerous informal networking breaks, drinks receptions and private meeting initiatives, this is an exclusive and globally unrivalled opportunity to gain first hand insight and direct contact with those leading the world’s largest event enterprises.



Global Expansion icon


Pillar 1 – Global Expansion 

Attack of the clones v ‘GEO Adaption’ This is not a cut and paste exercise! In a recent interview with Exhibition News, DMG President Matt Denton, discussed his views on globalised growth plans for major events, simply stating – “I don’t allow anyone to call it Geo-Cloning” Mash fervently agrees.


Taking a major event to new shores, needs expert analysis and understanding of each region’s economic nuances and navigation points to truly understand how your event can thrive in a new regional setting. Through our 2 day programme we hear directly from leaders tackling these challenges and building successful models for Geo– Expansion.



Industry Needs icon


Pillar 2 – Industry Needs

Two ears – one mouth! What do the Organisers Want?? What do they need??


Throughout our many editorial interviews, meetings, lunches, dinners and networking events, we gain a privileged position to sit and listen to the leaders of our industry. Their insights are of course invaluable, and the Exhibition World Community Programme wants to ensure you gain the same opportunities, to hear directly, exactly what the global event leaders are looking for.


Throughout the programme, we will address the major headaches, concerns, must haves, core needs, aims and ambitions to give a granular, honest perspective of what the industry is screaming out for. Combined with speed networking exercises, private meeting initiatives, evening networking experiences, you will be armed to teeth with exclusive information to build genuine, engaged discussion around the heart of the industry’s needs.



Community Connection


Pillar 3 – Community Connection

Let’s Talk – Let’s make this time as a valuable as possible. Taking pride in the industry you work in, is in our opinion at least half the battle in success and enjoyment of your day to day, especially considering how much valuable time you invest into your working life.


Over 25 years, the Mash team have built some incredible relationships, longstanding partnerships, friendships and working connections, that have given us great joy in the development of our own success, standing and growth, in an industry that we love, and we want to share this with you.


With the covid years depriving us of valuable in person connection, now that we are back and firing, we want to ensure our community regains the benefit of personal connection, forging new relationships, by delivering an interactive programme that truly works in building lasting connections and valuable insight throughout an industry community we are so proud to be a part of.



Spaces are totally free for exhibition organisers, simply apply for your space below and we’ll come back to you within 72 hours to confirm your attendance.





If you are interested in sponsoring our summit, please fill in the form below to download our sponsorship brochure.