UK’s Diversity Alliance launches ‘Safe Space’ Charter

UK-based Diversity Alliance is calling on event industry leaders to help create more inclusive and safer event experiences for all by signing its new ‘Safe Space’ Charter.

The charter outlines four key pledges that signees commit to in order to prevent harassment and discrimination at their events:

  1. Establish clear anti-harassment and non-discrimination policies
  2. Provide staff training on how to handle reports of harassment and discrimination
  3. Promote the policies and reporting procedures publicly at events
  4. Commit to continual review and improvement of safe space efforts

Gabrielle Austen Browne, founder of Diversity Alliance, said: “As leaders and innovators in the events industry, signatories have an opportunity to take a stand against sexual harassment and discrimination. By signing the charter and committing to the pledges, organisations can publicly commit to creating inclusive events free from harassment and discrimination.”

In addition to sending a clear message of support, charter signees will receive resources and can request additional support from Diversity Alliance and its partners. Their organisation’s name will also be featured on the Diversity Alliance website as an official supporter.

Industry support

One of the first organisations to sign up to the charter was the events agency, emc3. Josh King, VP of growth, emc3, said: “We are thrilled to announce our commitment to the Safe Space charter. At emc3, the safety and well-being of both our team and event attendees have always been paramount. We believe in fostering an environment where everyone feels not just welcomed but truly safe, respected, and valued, thus taking the Safe Space pledge aligns perfectly with our core values.”

Official partners of the Safe Space initiative include the OPs Nest and EventWell.

Lou Kiwanuka, founder, The Ops Nest, commented: “The Safe Space Charter is an opportunity for our industry to finally and publicly effect meaningful, measured, positive action against harassment and support a message of zero tolerance to discrimination.”

Helen Moon, founder, Eventwell, said: “Safeguarding, safe spaces and safe people are the cornerstone of EventWell services, and this new industry-wide charter puts extra gravitas on the importance and relevance in the modern and ever-evolving world of events.”

How to get involved

Diversity Alliance is encouraging all event organisations to sign the charter and pledge today.

Austen-Browne added: “Together, we can cultivate widespread adoption that makes events safer and more inclusive for everyone. But it starts with leadership from organisations who share this vision.”

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