Stand and deliver – with innovation

Oleksandr Skobtsev, CEO of Ukraine-based MEET FUTURE runs the rule over some innovative technologies for stands and brand zones creation

Stands and brand zones are the most effective tools for attracting potential customers and partners at large exhibitions.

The main task of a stand is to draw in visitors to learn more about the company. In order for a stand to effectively fulfil its role, it must be bright, attractive and stand out.

Stand development usually goes through several stages. First of all, we study the client, their style and tone of voice. Next, we define the tasks that the client would like to solve at the event.

Then, we begin to develop a creative idea, offering several options of 3D visualisation and, using models, clearly demonstrate how it will look.

Having agreed with the client on the design of the stand, we can move on to building it up at the event.

Let’s take a look at technologies that can be used to create stands.

LED screens

The use of LED screens is one of the main trends in recent years in the developing of stands. LED screens not only look impressive, they are also multifunctional – you can display video content on them and convey information about your company or product.

A typical such stand would consist of six-metre high LED screens.

Kinetic installations

Kinetics is a technology which enables us to create a show beneath the ceiling. Lighting objects that are suspended on special motors, begin to glow and fall/rise at certain moments, creating beautiful synchronous movements. The classic version of objects that are used in kinetics are balls. LED strips, LED tubes, mirrors, jellyfish-chandeliers or even huge luminous flowers. This impressive effect will draw attention to your stand.


Traditionally, the laser is used in the dark, and in order to see it better, smoke is necessary. But with stands it is possible to use narrowly focused laser radiation to outline individual elements of the stand. Also, you can use LED objects with an RGB strip, which doesn’t shine with a solid line, but has the ability to be controlled pixel by pixel.


Robo-hand may become a part of an innovative stand. It can have a prescribed program of movements or be a part of an interaction. Robo-hand can move small objects, pour drinks instead of a bartender and also point a laser.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Using this technology you can combine digital images with physical space and create an interactive experience for visitors. With the help of AR product presentation, testing can be carried out, exhibition visitors can experience the benefits of the product and enjoy a much more exciting interactive experience.


Beacons are small wireless transmitters that can send radio signals to nearby Bluetooth-enabled devices such as smartphones, smartwatches or tablets. Beacons can send a message to the visitor with an invitation to visit the booth, offer promo codes, discount coupons, flash sales. Beacons help organisers connect with attendees and gather feedback, improving the visitor experience.

Interactive flooring

By installing cubic LED lamps with proximity sensors, you can change the colour of the floor when a visitor steps on it. Thanks to this, you can not only surprise the exhibitor, but also add your own version of Twister or a dance game to the interaction with the stand.

Aside from the technologies outlined above, another way to interact with event attendees when they visit a stand is by using interactive digital games.

Gamification can increase exhibitor engagement. An interactive game can draw attention to your booth, help gather participants’ contact information and encourage them to stay near your stand. Games that involve mobile phones can help exhibitors to upload photos and videos from your stand to their social media accounts, and in this way spread information about your business outside of the show.

Innovative technologies can really help to create a more

exciting interactive experience for visitors to interact with your stand and make that exhibition experience deeper, more interesting and, hopefully, more productive.