SISO statement on Israel

The Society of Independent Show Organisers (SISO) released the following statement, 15 October:

“Condemning the acts of terrorism perpetrated by Hamas, we stand resolute in denouncing the deliberate targeting of innocent lives, infrastructure, and communities. Such actions flagrantly violate human rights and undermine any prospects for resolution in the region.

“In this turbulent context, we affirm that the business events industry is firmly built on the pillars of co-operation, mutual understanding, and inclusivity. We advocate for a world where dialogue, empathy, and negotiation guide the path to resolution, fostering an environment of stability. The industry strives to bring people together, transcending barriers, cultures, and beliefs, in the pursuit of common goals and shared prosperity.

“As stakeholders in the business events sector, we emphasise the importance of patience and perseverance in seeking a resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. We recognise that this conflict might not conclude swiftly, but we remain hopeful that a resolution can be achieved without further tragedy. Let us promote a world where unity triumphs over violence, leading to a brighter, unified tomorrow for all.”