NürnbergMesse takes anticyclical approach

With €285.7m in sales and a profit of  €2.3m, 2019 was the most successful odd-numbered year in company history for NürnbergMesse.

The coronavirus pandemic, while posing serious challenges, has also accelerated transformation at the company and its international organising business, with new hybrid and digital tradeshow formats planned.

NürnbergMesse management held a press conference, 7 July, in which it noted new tradeshows planned in the Coatings product family (paints and varnishes) in China and Brazil and, despite the challenges of Covid-19, the company CEOs (pictured) said they expected 2020 sales to come in around €100m.

The year 2020 has been, to date, exceptionally challenging for tradeshows, with NürnbergMesse dealing with 41 postponements or cancellations on its calendar, 23 of them coming at the Nuremberg exhibition centre.

The NürnbergMesse management said it was taking a deliberately anticyclical approach to the coronavirus pandemic and shielding precious liquidity by saving on costs and postponing investments.  At the same time, it is investing selectively in forward-looking efforts like developing hybrid tradeshow formats, expanding services, and further internationalising its portfolio. 

Photo: Ralf Rödel/NürnbergMesse