Northeast China economy gets trade show boost on venue anniversary in Shenyang

The 24th China Northeast International Dental Equipment Exhibition & Symposium on Oral Health (CNDE) attracted 60,000 visitors to the trade show at the end of March  that took 20,000sqm of exhibition/multipurpose space and 4,000sqm of meeting rooms at Shenyang New World EXPO.

The show also coincided with the sixth anniversary of the host venue which held a ceremony under the theme of ‘Welcoming the Return of Our Exhibitions and Boosting Northeast China's Economy’. The event was attended by notable figures, including Mr Guo Bin, deputy director general, Department of Commerce in Liaoning Province; Cliff Wallace, honorary president, UFI - The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry; Michael Brierley, CEO, Venue Management Association (Asia and Pacific).

In her keynote speech, Diane Chen, general manager of Shenyang New World EXPO, noted that while China's convention and exhibition industry is recovering across the board, united efforts were needed to revitalise the local economy in Liaoning. Specifically, to contribute to high-quality development of the region, improve the image of Shenyang and Liaoning, and optimise the business landscape for future investment.

Guo Bin said that as a sunrise industry, conventions and exhibitions are crucial to modern service industry. He pointed to its importance in the most recent opening-up efforts and in foreign trade and investment, in addition to other factors like stimulating consumption and employment opportunities. Mr.Guo said this industry is the ‘indicator’ of the regional economy and the image for a modern city.

He added that there were future plans to stimulate the professional, market-oriented, international, branding and digital development of the convention and exhibition industry, host first-class international brand exhibitions and introduce international and national large-scale conventions, and contribute to the high-quality economic development of Liaoning.

Since its opening in 2017, Shenyang New World EXPO has provided a major trade platform for the urban economy, it has held many high-end exhibitions and conventions with wide influence at home and abroad, and attracted many domestic and foreign entities to invest locally. Recent major events include the 2023 Shenyang International Advertising Expo, after which the 25th North International HVAC, Clean Energy and Comfortable Home Systems Exhibition in 2023, and the 24th CNDE were all held.

Future events include large-scale events such as the North China Building Decoration Fair, Academic Congress of International Chinese Neurosurgical Sciences, Public Security Exposition Northeast China, Northeast China (Shenyang Spring) Asia-Pacific Beauty Expo, China (Shenyang) International Modern Architecture Exposition, and the China (Shenyang) International Tea Industry Expo & Purple-clay Pottery, Chinaware, Teaware Exhibition.