Korea’s KINTEX shows how to run an expo with Covid-19 health precautions in place

South Korea’s largest exhibition and convention centre, KINTEX, has successfully hosted the MBC Architecture Expo, as the government’s anti-Covid-19 prevention system changes to ‘In-life distancing’.

KINTEX has taken what it calls ‘third stage access control’ in the exhibition centre, disinfecting inside and outside the exhibition hall, and is conducting 100% external air intake and air conditioning. 

The centre is playing a leading role to restart the Korean exhibition industry, and has introduced a virtual meeting system to support remote business meeting for exhibitors and buyers who could not visit the live exhibition.

The three-stage access security plan at KINTEX involves, in the first stage, screening of visitors, who must wear masks to enter the building. Entrances have disinfection mats, thermal imaging cameras, and facial recognition thermometers installed. Ambulances are on constant on standby just in case.

In the second stage, a second body temperature measurement is performed at the entrance to the exhibition hall proper, and admission is conditional on using hand sanitiser and putting on plastic gloves.

The entrance queue spaces visitors at 1.5m intervals in the lobby.

In the third stage, inside the exhibition hall, it is mandatory to wear masks and plastic gloves and exhibitors and cafeteria employees wear face shields that cover the entire face.

In addition, the space between booths is set at at least 4m, and unnecessary contact is further minimised through one-way induction routes.

An acrylic barrier is installed at the business meeting area and cafeteria.

There is also special disinfection work conducted twice a day through a specialised quarantine company.

In addition KINTEX's own human resources carry out general cleansing work in the main areas, such as the entrances, toilets, smoking booths, escalators, and seating areas, and everywhere the visitors can reach. 

Internal air conditioning has been modified to increase the external air inflow rate, which was normally maintained at 30%, up to 100%.

In addition, KINTEX is providing virtual meeting technical equipment to organisers in order that their exhibitors may promote their product and service to overseas buyers, considering that overseas buyer participation is currently  limited due to the situation around Covid-19.

A KINTEX spokesperson said that the centre provided a good example of how to host an exhibition during the Covid-19 situation “by establishing a close co-operative relationship with the competent medical authorities and the organiser.”