Global organiser Terrapinn’s Total Telecom acquires Broadband Communities in major Stateside move

Terrapinn-owned Total Telecom has announced the acquisition of Broadband Communities, a publishing and events business specialising in the provision and delivery of broadband services in the USA.

Terrapinn CEO Greg Hitchen tells EW: “Total Telecom operates a fantastic ‘Connected’ event series , the largest of which is Connected Britain, held annually in London in September.

“We became aware of Broadband Communities when we launched Connected America in 2023, which is a similar event. One thing led to another and we acquired the event and publication. This is a great beachhead into having a much more significant communications portfolio in the USA – it is really exciting for us.”

Rob Chambers, managing director, Total Telecom, told EW: “The Broadband Communities business is highly complementary to Total Telecom and that it is an incredibly exciting time to be expanding our presence in the USA, with billions of dollars being poured into fulfilling Joe Biden’s pledge of high speed broadband for every American.

“Broadband Communities is a fantastic fit with our Connected series. We are excited and looking forward to a very bright future with BBC. The Broadband Communities Summit, held annually in May, near Houston, is the industry standard,” he said.

Barbara DeGarmo, CEO, Broadband Communities, added: “We are really glad that BBC has found such a good home. Total Telecom has what is needed to make BBC prosper in the future.

“We look forward to serving all stakeholders in building the broadband future in the USA. And we would also like to thank all staff and advisors in making this happen.”