German trade fair industry demands government recognise WHO listed vaccines

The German trade fair industry association AUMA is leading demands for an easing of restrictions on running exhibitions.

The association called on policy makers at both the federal and state level to create conditions for event organisers  to be able to plan their events with confidence, despite a recent increase in Covid-19 restrictions.

The industry aims to ensure that those who have been vaccinated, recovered, or tested negative for Covid-19 can participate in trade fairs. AUMA also identified a problem for those that have received vaccinations  such as Sinovac and Sinopharm - not yet been approved in Germany - who are considered to be unvaccinated in Germany.

Jörn Holtmeier, managing director of AUMA, said: “The US is showing us the way. They recognise almost every vaccine that is available and the World Health Organisation’s list. The trade fair industry in Germany is calling on the German Government to also quickly recognise the WHO list of Covid-19 vaccines.”

Trade fairs under strict hygiene concepts have only been possible again in all 16 German states since September. The restrictions since the start of the pandemic have caused an overall economic loss of more than €42bn (US$49bn) so far in the trade fair industry, said AUMA, also pointing out the losses incurred also in the hotel, hospitality and transport industries that are all associated with trade fairs.

Usually about 350 trade fairs are held in Germany each year generating more than €28bn, where the industry accounts for over 230,000 jobs.

Holtmeier added: “The trade fair industry needs planning reliability and also the admission of tested participants, in order to get steadily through this autumn and winter. Even better are regulations, which leave the choice between admitting only vaccinated or also tested participants to the professional organisers. It is vaccinated people, who are visiting trade fairs primarily.”

Photo: HINTE Messe und Ausstellungs GmbH / Nico Herzog