CTICC makes cashless system available for all clients


The Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC) is rolling out its cashless services to all clients, having initiated a cashless system for all food and beverage stations last year most notably during the Cape Town International Jazz Festival on site.

Julie-May Ellingson, CEO of the CTICC, says that experiment was such a success, they are taking it a step further.

“The cashless system, which is available to any of our clients, is safer and so much quicker for vendors. We are going one step further this year with another advancement – instead of a card, festival-goers can simply swipe their CTIJF wristband,” Ellingson noted.

Buying refreshments by swiping a wristband means much shorter queues and festival-goers can also order and load their wristbands in advance on the Howler.co.za website.

There is, however, a R5 (US$0.35) charge, to redeem any funds left on the wristband at the end of the event.

“We can promise festival-goers, musicians and vendors a great experience enhanced by the most recent technological advances in the events arena,” says Ellingson.

“While we may be going cashless to purchase food and drinks, festival goers can still purchase CTIJF merchandise the traditional way with cash and/or debit and credit cards.”

“The cashless food and beverage system for our festival is just one example of the lengths the CTICC will go to ensure our attendees, musicians and vendors can make the most of the experience and maximise the time they have to focus on the music,” says Festival Director Billy Domingo.