Countdown to Global Exhibitions Day

Exhibitions have a transversal impact across multiple industries and economies, building communities to collaborate on global challenges. The exhibition industry drives progress, facilitates economic growth, connects people, and is a sustainable way of doing business. On Global Exhibitions Day (GED), 5 June 2024, UFI invite all interested in raising the visibility of the exhibitions industry regionally and globally to celebrate. Facilitated by UFI, GED 2024 is supported by over 70 national and international associations, snöball, and EcoMatcher.

The ninth edition of GED will be held under the theme ‘Exhibitions are catalysts to sustainable futures’. This theme reinforces the role of exhibitions in bringing people together face-to-face to connect and collaborate on global solutions aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, driving progress worldwide.

Key Campaign Pillars:

1. Exhibitions drive progress: Platforms to discuss, create and showcase solutions to universal challenges.

2. Exhibitions facilitate economic growth: Engines of growth, connecting industries and creating jobs.

3. Exhibitions are a sustainable way of doing business: Managing environmental impact while gathering communities.

4. Exhibitions connect people: Community builders bringing people together to collaborate and contribute.

With under a month to go, GED 2024 is partnering with snöball and EcoMatcher to plant a ‘GED Forest’ in the Philippines, Madagascar, and Ecuador. Every social share using snöball will plant a tree in this forest.

UFI president Geoff Dickinson comments: “For this year’s Global Exhibitions Day, it is important that we recognise the critical role of exhibitions in catalysing our collective sustainable future. Let us plant the seed, and watch it snowball to grow our GED Forest around the world.”