Captello and Event Footprints form strategic alliance


Captello, a US provider of event technology solutions, has signed a strategic partnership with Event Footprints, a UK-based consultancy specialising in combining event technology and martech for complete event life cycle measurement.

The partnership adds a new range of technology to Event Footprints' inventory and provides Captello with wider access to the European event market.

The pair said the collaboration signifies a "transformative step forward" in how event data is captured, integrated, and leveraged, to quantify the impact of B2B corporate hosted and attended events across the whole event lifecycle.

Brad Froese, VP of Marketing at Captello, said: “[Event Footprints'] specialised focus on audience engagement and unique position in Europe as a dedicated event tech and martech consultancy aligns perfectly with our mission to enhance event experiences. This alliance will broaden our service offerings and empower our clients to drive more impactful event outcomes.”

Rob Curtis, founder and director of Event Footprints, said: "Adding Captello to the martech and event tech platforms we work with means we can deliver accurate ROI information in language and figures that event organisers and their CMOs and CFOs, will be familiar with. This will help event and marketing teams wanting to understand and demonstrate the return on investment for the entire event life cycle and not just the event itself."