Accredit Solutions wins funding to roll out pandemic response software to events industry

International software and accreditation experts, Accredit Solutions, has been awarded a substantial grant by the UK’s Sustainable Innovation Fund to complete development of its Accredit-GO, health tracking software for venues and live events.  

Accredit-GO is an extension of the company’s existing accreditation and facility management software, and was designed to help those responsible for major events comply with local Covid-19 regulations through the collection of health data and documents. 

The software helps ensure staff and contractors in their workspace and can be used to invite staff securely to provide medical and travel information before they attend shifts. It can submit health passports or vaccination certificates; implement dynamic rules to assess risk, automate entry permissions and e-passes; manage capacities by controlling access; and implement track and trace by recording who, has been in a venue space and when.

Peder Berg (pictured), CEO of Accredit Solutions, says: “In the past, data on those workers needing access to a venue may have been collected on excel spreadsheets or via emails. Unnamed access passes or wrist bands may have been issued for access. For events and venues to re-open, this is no longer an option. Organisers need an electronic audit trail to know who is in their space, and they need to know they are not a health risk.”

Berg tells EW: “Accredit-GO has been built in order to get events, including exhibitions and conferences, back up and running in a safe manner by ensuring that those who attend them, be it contractors, visitors, and even organisers, are safe to be in the venue. 

“Accredit-GO has already been trialled in major sporting events around the world as they have been opening up and we feel that the system will be a major contributor to getting a much needed re-start for the conference and exhibition industries.” 

Delivered through agency Innovate UK, Accredit’s funding will come from the £134m Fund set to benefit 1,069 of the UK’s most innovative businesses tasked with helping the country ‘build back better’ by creating new jobs, driving productivity and tackling climate change.

“With Innovate UK's support, we can develop the software, build the client support team and deliver this project at the scale, quality and timeframe needed by our customers,” Berg adds.

The company’s clients are in Australia, New Zealand, USA and the Middle East, in addition to the UK.

Phase 1 functionality has already been rolled out to Accredit’s Premier League and EFL football clients, as well as cricket, rugby and basketball customers across the globe. Phase 2 of the project will be delivered in January, with the final stage of Accredit-GO expected to be completed by the end of February 2021.