22Miles unveils Trade Show AI Assistant

Georgia, US-headquartered digital signage software and interactive digital solutions specialists, 22Miles, have launched its new Trade Show AI Assistant: a custom-trained conversational AI tool for assisting in event operations and attendee support. The solution has a responsive chat interface that uses the 22Miles generative AI technology integrated with the brand’s 3D Wayfinding App and content management capabilities.

Highlights include a one-year software licence and event support, free of charge; deployment and integration with existing event technology in four weeks; real-time event information and wayfinding in response to attendee questions; support through multilingual, natural language processing and post-event analytics.

Trade show organisers can spend both much money and time designing and printing physical signs. Yet, due to the evolving nature of live events, information is often outdated before the show even begins. Updating on site can be extremely expensive and time-consuming, and even correct print signage often fails to address attendee questions. 

The Trade Show AI Assistant attempts to solve that pain point with real-time event information and wayfinding that attendees can interact with naturally in any language. Organisers can deploy the Trade Show AI Assistant on digital signage, websites or within the event app and easily update information throughout the event as needed. The AI Assistant also supports navigation across large venues, swiftly recalls event-related information, and ensures prompt self-service support on demand. 

“Trade shows are inherently complex, so we’re proud to offer our Trade Show AI Assistant to make the entire experience better for attendees and organisers,” said Joey Zhao, CEO and founder of 22Miles. “Our solution is unique in that it uses natural language processing to understand attendees’ questions, no matter how they’re phrased, and give useful, real-time answers, just like a human information desk representative.”

The AI Assistant also aggregates data to deliver a blend of qualitative insights and quantitative metrics after the event. Such data can help event planners make informed decisions and scale future events. 

22Miles invites a limited number of tradeshow organisers to employ the 22Miles Tradeshow AI Assistant free for one year, complete with show support to ensure the AI operates as intended. Learn more at www.22miles.ai/lp/tradeshow-promo/  or visit www.22Miles.com