Aichi Sky Expo is a brand new venue opening in Aichi-Nagoya, Japan


Aichi Sky Expo is a world class exhibition facility to open in September 2019 in Aichi-Nagoya.

Located in one of the largest industrial regions, Aichi Sky Expo is the first exhibition centre in Japan with a direct access to the airport. It will feature 6 multipurpose exhibition halls, 18 conference rooms and 4,000 parking units.

Over 4000 hotels rooms, a shopping mall, restaurants and visitor’s attractions are situated within walking distance of the airport island bringing business and leisure appeal to the area.

The venue will be operated by the consortium of GL events, global provider of solution to events organisers and Maeda Corporation, pioneer in Japan in construction and civil engineering.

The brand, unveiled on the 18th of September, was chosen among more than 2500 public applications from Japan and overseas, aiming to create interest and affection for the future venue.

The name Aichi Sky Expo reflects the architecture of the building and an easy air access. The logo, created by Nagoya-based designer Akio Ogawa with a traditional Japanese taste, is inspired by an appealing image of the sea, the sky, and the airport island of Tokoname, where the center is located.

It represents three capital letters of “Aichi Sky Expo”, A, S, E. With 60 000 sqm of exhibition space, conference centre, large outdoor area and parking, the venue is suitable for hosting large scale conventions, exhibitions and live events.

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