Two more micro workshops from ETT Club, powered by Konduko and The Exhibition Guy

The next week sees two new micro workshops form the Exhibition Think Tank (ETT) Club. The first, powered by Contactless lead capture and event specialists Konduko, is titled ‘Creating Easy to Understand Hybrid Digital Sponsorship Products’ and takes place on 16 March. This micro workshop is run by Konduko CEO Matt Harris and is designed for a quick knowledge transfer combined with a networking platform.

Participants – a maximum of 10 on a first-come first-served basis –  will learn to understand basics around creating and selling sponsorship products in an easy to understand manner.
Attendees will walk away some concrete examples of digital products ready to be sold at their next event.

On 22 March ETT Club stages ‘Selling Exhibitions Successfully – PART 2’, delivered by the Exhibition Guy himself Stephan Murtagh.

This is knowledge-based training session on the key areas for success in selling exhibitions to your clients. Part 2 of a what is a three mini training series of sessions, will concentrate on retention - always a challenge in our industry. The session will look at how to find new exhibitors so that shows remain fresh and relevant and exciting for visitors. There will be an examination of how to define who exactly is an ideal exhibitor and how to define them in a sales plan.

Both ETT Club micro-workshops run twice on their respective days, at 8am and 4pm UK Time.