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The exhibition technology of the future Features

Dr James Morgan, founder of the UK’s Event Tech Lab, talks to three organisers about the exhibition technology of the future.   2018 saw some great new technologies introduced into the exhibitions industry. Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the form of chatbots, matchmaking platforms and many other applications have come to the fore. The use of wearables and software applications to improve on data collection and...

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Charting China’s new exhibition superhighway Features

Martin Donovan offers insights into some major exhibition moves in South China, and the impact of the new HZMB.    For an insight into China’s suitability as an exhibitions industry powerhouse, take a look at two recent events: a huge import fair in Shanghai and, south west along the coast, the opening of a 55km sea bridge and tunnel link from Hong Kong to Zhuhai and...

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Russia: open to the exhibition world AsiaEuropeFeatures

In this month’s cover feature, EW speaks to three key figures in the Russian events industry, and hears how the country is putting itself on the industry map.   Alexey Kalachev, director of the Russian Convention Bureau, is leading a new strategic push for events in Russia: “The turnover of congresses in the world is estimated to be worth US$1 trillion, of which Russia’s share...

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When the going gets tough Features

The collapse of its signature event presented unseen opportunities for one of the US’s most international associations. Antony Reeve-Crook investigates. When the National Cable Television Association announced plans to ‘sunset’ its annual Internet and Television Expo (INTX) trade show in 2016, the term couldn’t have been more appropriate. The association was about to retire a 65-year-old event titled the Cable Show that it had dressed...

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Untied Kingdom: events in the post-Brexit era EuropeFeatures

EW sits down with the head of business events at VisitBritain, Kerrin Macphie, who has a big role as the country heads toward Brexit with the European Union.   The significance of Kerrin McPhie’s role as Head of Business Events at VisitBritain should not be understated. Inbound tourism to the UK increased from 2016 to 2017 and it’s going to increase where we are. There’s...

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