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Aventri and Sciensio announce partnership World

Event management software provider Aventri has joined forces with event chatbot company Sciensio to create an end-to-end management solution which leverages ‘EventBots’ to provide answers to thousands of common event questions. The EventBots use artificial intelligence technology to answer commonly asked questions such as ‘Where should I park?’ and ‘What’s the dress code?’. Previously, attendees would have had to search a website, download an app,...

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Could artificial intelligence find your next events job for you? World

Careers website VERCIDA has announced a new partnership with Irish data science firm Opening.io, to provide a world-first job-matching service using artificial intelligence. The new technology uses intuitive searching to help people find work that suits their skills and profile. It allows candidates to directly upload their CV to the VERCIDA site, then see suitable vacancies seamlessly matched to them. This is possible because Opening.io’s...

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