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Smartlog from Swiss Fair

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Swiss-based logistics service provider Swiss Fair Experts AG is promoting its invention Smartlog, a software which maps all event-related logistics processes digitally, enabling parties involved to plan, the respective tasks more efficiently.

“Challenges force innovation,” says Christoph Fritsch, CEO of the Swiss Fair Experts Group and exhibition logistics company Sempex AG. “Our intention was to build a software able to integrate all logistics processes and create a transparency for customers, service providers in general, logistics provider specifically and, last but not least event organisers,” he adds.

Vehicle management, one of several modules of the software, contains a slot booking system, where all transport to and from an event can be registered beforehand, leading to reduced waiting times and optimally planned and allocated resources, which in turn results in CO2 reductions.

Fritsch adds: “We, as official logistics provider at the fairgrounds in Basel, Zurich and Lausanne, are investing into the future and are confident to promote sustainability and environment protection with our software solution.”