MECC Maastricht

Mecc Maastricht Building
Mecc Maastricht Building

Maastricht is a textbook example of a way in which venue and city can reinforce one another. The international hotspot, at the heart of a European border region, is ideal for organisers with international ambitions. The Maastricht Region is a melting pot of research, education and entrepreneurship formed by four knowledge campuses. The region is leading worldwide on how to make health, (bio)materials, nutrition and services more sustainable and smarter.



The city of Maastricht is one of exciting contrast, where history and innovation come together. A place with an international mindset, where people truly understand what quality of life means. An exhibition here becomes more than just an event: the city itself becomes part of the experience due to its compact size and wonderful sites. And thanks to the upgrade and expansion of MECC Maastricht, the venue is able to offer even better services to organisers of international exhibitions and congresses. Covering 30.000 m2 of exhibition space and capacity for 5000 delegates, the venue is ready to become your partner in guaranteeing the success of your event.

The renovations have taken the facilities to another level – we are looking forward more than ever to hosting The Stainless Steel World Conference & Expo 2021 with you next year!”

Elisa Hannan, Director KCI Publishing – Organiser of the Stainless Steel World Conference and Expo