Join the webinar for the new Global Industry Performance Review launch

Expert industry consultancy, jwc will be presenting an introduction to its new major annual Global Industry Performance Review (GIPR) on 19 May at 12pm GMT.

The report is expanded to 200 pages for 2021 and includes a whole new section on the Chinese market.

This special webinar, 19 May, will be presented by the authors of GIPR, jwc’s Jochen Witt, Jimé Essink and Julien Schmetz. 

This experienced panel will guide the attendees through the topline results including unique data on the state of the top global exhibition businesses, the opportunity of China for the global organiser and the role of omnichannel strategies and the digitalisation of the trade how business. This interactive event will provide the attendees a unique opportunity to ask questions on how this report will benefit their business.

A valuable resource for senior executives and stakeholders of the global exhibition industry, the full GIPR report will provide insights into key areas affecting the global exhibition industry.

An interactive digital event series at the beginning of June will provide further opportunities for participants to discuss and react to the report along with presentations of key insights by jwc experts. These exclusive events will be for those that buy the report. 

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Exhibition World and Exhibition News readers can receive a 10% discount off the cost off the report by using EWGIPR10 or ENGIPR10 on the order form - 

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