Global Exhibitions Day 2020 builds to a new level

The fifth edition of Global Exhibitions Day (GED) 2020, 3 June, has become the single largest day of awareness and advocacy for the exhibition industry ever, with participation from 114 countries and regions.

The key message of GED2020 was “exhibitions are key to rebuilding economies” and it is one that continues as the industry re-opens for business.

From videos to meetings with policy makers, webinars to hybrid events, webcast to social campaigns, bingo, cakes, virtual running parties, and more, people and organisations fully embraced the GED2020 campaign as never before.

Governments around the world revisited polices towards exhibitions, while GED activities and messages were being spread across the world.

In the run up to the big day, the New Zealand decided to allow events of all sizes to take place again beginning the second week in June and and the Greek cabinet took the decision to let exhibitions and conferences restart from 1 July.

Germany announced event logistic companies and companies connected to tradeshows and events are eligible to apply to a €25bn fund set up to assist with Covid-19 related revenue loss.

Fresh news is also in from the US state of Texas, which was declared that exhibitions and convention centres can reopen now at 50% of their usual occupancy.

Over the course of its GED campaign, the global association of the exhibition industry UFI was able to track* 8,376 mentions, through unique posts and messages, that had a potential reach of 715m people. Thousands of people participated live in at least 21 webinars and hybrid events, and on 3 June, as well as in the lead-up, many more activities, celebrating the people and power of exhibitions, took place throughout the industry.

Mary Larkin, UFI President & President of Diversified Communications, said: “I am astounded with the participation in this year’s Global Exhibitions Day. Our unique industry took up the challenge to make sure we were seen and heard by policy makers and by our customers. As exhibitions begin to restart across the world, we will reconnect and rebuild businesses. As an industry, we must take the momentum and awareness we’ve generated into the next phases of our advocacy work.”

Much like the exhibitions and events that the industry hosts, GED was a day for showcasing our industry, as well as having a bit of fun and sharing our stories.

Some of the most prominent actions during GED2020 were the ‘voices of the exhibition industry’ quote cards, the GED celebration videos, and the memorable moments in exhibitions added to the map on

“This year’s GED put into the spotlight both the size and passion of our industry and the importance of exhibitions in economic recovery. It was also an opportunity to see the diversity and multicultural nature of exhibitions and our industry,” said Kai Hattendorf, CEO of UFI. “There are important movements going on now to fight racial injustice. Exhibitions, and those in the industry who run them, should reflect the best of our societies, diversity, equality, openness, and a curiosity of what’s beyond our own sphere. As an industry that brings people together, we condemn racism and we stand in solidarity with those who fight it,” Hattendorf added.

The work of spreading the key messages of GED2020 will continue throughout the year, and the next Global Exhibitions Day will be held on 2 June 2021.


*Webinars & hybrid events – were submitted to UFI via the reporting tool or

These figures are accurate at the official end of GED 2020, 3 June 23:59 UTC-12, but will continue to be added and collated over the coming days.