Fire prevention starter: FeuerTrutz Digital draws 1,500 attendees

FeuerTrutz Digital, a fire prevention trade show, was recently held as an online event from 30 September to 1 October.

NürnbergMesse and FeuerTrutz Network worked in collaboration to replicate all aspects of the Tradefair for Preventive Fire Protection and the accompanying Fire Protection Congress in digital form. The event saw around 1,500 participants attend the event, along with 73 exhibitors.

A smart matchmaking system was in operation and resulted in 38,800 chat messages being sent and hundreds of video calls taking place during the event.

The event also featured 30 lectures given by exhibitors on passive, active and organisational fire protection.

The Fire Protection Congress, held on the platform simultaneously, hosted over 700 participants in three parallel congress sections, which saw 40 lectures and roundtables take place, both from a live studio as well as via a stream.

Stefan Dittrich, director of FeuerTrutz at NürnbergMesse, said: “We started getting positive feedback from both exhibitors and visitors while the event was still running and that showed us that a tradefair in the form of a digital platform can be a success.

"There was a lot of praise for the company profiles, and especially for the opportunities for contact, as well as the quality of the various expert lectures by the exhibitors. We are impressed by how intensively the sector made use of contact opportunities like chats and video calls. We were able to provide the fire protection community with a valuable platform for their dialogue and information needs. But at the same time we are very much looking forward to the next in-person gathering here in Nuremberg.”