Deutsche Messe develops INSTANT FAIR approach at Hall 23

Deutsche Messe in Hanover, Germany, is breaking new ground and converting its Hall 23 with permanently installed stands, event areas and hybrid stages into an event location that can be used and booked immediately for any type of trade fair, confex format and presentation event. Under the INSTANT FAIR branding, the new concept is set to be ready to accept business from March 2022.

“INSTANT FAIR means that Hall 23 at the NORTH entrance to the Hanover exhibition centre can be booked as a self-contained location with up to 3,000 marketable square meters with up to 130 fully assembled and equipped system stands ranging from small to medium-sized, plus communal areas for up to 3,000 guests per day without long lead times,” says Robert Bachmann, director Venue Sales, Deutsche Messe AG.

The hall layout meets all Corona requirements and is designed to be cost-efficient, budget-safe and sustainable for customers. “We can turn the modern row and innovative block stands into a world of experience for event organisers and their guests. In addition, there are several forums, with a streaming and content creation focus, as well as different areas for startups and meeting lounges,” adds Bachmann.

Deutsche Messe says that what’s special about INSTANT FAIR is that it’s a fully integrated system for hosting small and medium-sized events without having to invest unnecessary resources in organisational and operational structures, allowing the customer focus to be on content and community.

The infrastructure of the exhibition hall is set up and equipped once and then remains as a finished module for individual event branding. After each event, all booths and common areas remain in the hall. Only the branding changes with the next event.

Deutsche Messe’s regional partner, GO EXHIBITIONS, developed the sustainable and permanently installed stand construction and says all 130 booths, forums and common areas will be used for several years before being renewed. The beMatrix system uses no polluting acids are used in its aluminum frames and the panel design largely avoids the use of harmful substances, such as paint and glue. “The aluminum frames are even 100% recyclable after a long life cycle. This keeps waste to an absolute minimum,” Bachmann notes, adding: “Every customer planning a budget-safe, sustainable and cost-efficient event is perfectly positioned with the INSTANT FAIR concept. For all customers the complete production organization is eliminated. This saves time, costs and resources.”

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