Aventri releases easy check-in app Aventri Aloha

Event management software company Aventri has unveiled Aventri Aloha, an easy-to-use iPad app for checking in to small and medium sized events.

The platform is integrated with printers and Aventri registration, and operates both online and offline. Planners and attendees can continue checking in and printing badges even when Wi-Fi is interrupted.

The app dashboard reports provide check-in counts and key attendee stats for real-time data.

Jim Sharpe, CEO, Aventri, commented: “With Aventri Aloha, we prioritized flexibility and ease-of-use in direct response to customer requests. This powerful new application helps save planners time, while providing a better event experience and ROI to attendees – all in one check-in solution.” 

Shane Edmonds, Aventri’s chief technology officer, commented: “Organisers have so many different things to take care of during events, so we make our onsite solutions easy to set up and use. Aventri Aloha provides a sleek, flexible check-in solution that works offline and integrates directly with printers and peripheral devices to deliver successful events with high attendee satisfaction.”