AIPH announces International Horticultural Expo Conference in Dubai


For the first time since before the pandemic, organisers from forthcoming AIPH approved International Horticultural Expos will be presenting progress reports in person at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Dubai, UAE.

The event on 7 March will offer a chance for visitors to learn about upcoming International Horticultural Expos as well as hosting or being involved with an International Horticultural Expo.

AIPH said the event will also offer an opportunity to network with Expo organisers, city representatives interested in hosting an expo, urban developers, AIPH members, NGOs, international city and environmental organisations and suppliers to major events.

International Horticultural Expos are events that showcase nature and aim to leave environmentally positive legacies for the host city's residents.

The International Association of Horticultural Producers (AIPH) has a mandate agreed by the 1928 Paris Convention and subsequent protocols. Since 1960, International Horticultural Expos have been approved and regulated by AIPH.