Freeman offers new data solutions package for event measurement World

Brand experience company Freeman is offering five software and service offerings that, the company claims, together provide a new, holistic event technology system capable of supporting the full data life cycle.

Fuzion by Freeman™ and Quant by Freeman™ are two of the elements of the new package.

Fuzion by Freeman connects data across all points of an event life cycle to create a seamless experience for organisers and attendees, while Quant by Freeman™ claims to provide decision-based metrics via data visualisation in one, real-time dashboard.

Three other offers in the Freeman package are Data Analysis (formerly ESI, which became part of Freeman in 2016). This is a product designed to deliver deeper insight into data while expanding data research and measurement.

Data Design, meanwhile, is focused on providing insight into what data needs to be collected to drive growth, and then creates a framework to support the collection of that data.

Finally, Data Science is Freeman’s continuing investment in R&D. It has partnered with the University of Southern California on a return on experience (ROX) environment study and the University of Missouri (UM) on a growth drivers study.

“Research has shown that attendees go to an event to learn, network and have fun. However, until now, the industry didn’t have an all-encompassing solution to compile metrics and data that ultimately could help increase audience acquisition, retention and engagement,” said Richard Maranville (pictured), chief digital officer at Freeman.

“The new Freeman Data Solutions enable event organisers to capture data to both define and redefine strategy and establish key performance indicators. By identifying, measuring and mapping the data to achieve their goals and business objectives, they ultimately can improve the attendees’ experience.”

According to the Freeman Show Organizer Data Pulse Survey, nearly half of non-profit show organisers (49%) said that they are challenged to get meaningful insights from their event data.

“Today we can gather data in real time and adjust decisions concurrently. In the future, predictive data will help automate the decision-making process. As this data story continues to evolve, capturing and using data with purpose will be key to thriving in a rapidly changing event environment. We need to learn from the past, transform the present and predict the future. That is the true value of data,” said Ken Holsinger, Vice-President, Data Solutions, Freeman.

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