The fastest growing exhibitions company in Scandinavia Europe

The Scandinavian Exhibition Group is a new holding company founded by the owner of Nice Events Scandinavia, together with co-operation partners.

The Group is one of the top 10 exhibition organisers in Scandinavia, and by far the fastest growing. CEO Bjorn Delin attributes the company’s growth to a few factors.

He commented: “We are growing very quickly through organic growth, new launches and co-operations as well as through acquisitions, and we needed to get some structure in the business.

“That’s why we have chosen to gather our business in one holding company, making it easier for our partners, customers and financial actors to understand our organisation.”

The four companies which make up SEG are BraMässor Sverige, Traveko Scandinavia, Oxbridge Live Media and Lifestyle Events.

The Group turnover in 2017 was approximately €4 million. Delin added: “We want to take a distinct position on the Swedish and Nordic market.”