UFI Latin American Conference successfully launched in Mexico City Americas

UFI’s inaugural Latin American Conference took place on 18-19 September at the World Trade Centre, Mexico City.


The event was the perfect opportunity for participants to discuss common strategies for different realities in Latin America. 14 speakers from around the Americas shared their insights and experiences with the audience, while deep dive sessions and networking breaks provided valuable time for focused conversations and further discussions.


Pepe Navarro, General Director E.J. Krause Tarsus de Mexico and UFI Latin America Chapter Chair, said: “This conference exceeded our expectations as UFI’s first-ever major event focused on Latin America. It is great to see that the work we have put into this together with the UFI team has paid off.”


As the conference took place on the anniversary of the 2017 Mexico City earthquake, the opening session focused on the way exhibition organisers and venues react to such events – from earthquakes to hurricanes to health scares.


Another key session called “Expos in times of crisis” focused on the ups and downs in Latin America, with industry leaders from the region sharing how economic and monetary crises have influenced the exhibition industry, and what lessons and positives the industry can take from this.


Further sessions focused on digital transformation in Latin America, best practices from Mexico, and business opportunities for Latin American companies in the US. The conference closed with technology expert and investor Marco Giberti (CEO of Vesuvio Ventures), who talked about what impact digital disruption might have on the exhibition industry.