Smart manufacturing is taking off at Dubai Airshow 2019 AsiaMiddle East

The Dubai Airshow has announced that its upcoming 2019 event will focus heavily on smart manufacturing.

There will be an exhibition pavilion and a knowledge sharing conference dedicated to the topic, where industry insiders will discuss the future benefits of smart manufacturing for affordability, quality, and customisation.

Smart manufacturing aims to make use of advanced information and manufacturing technologies, to enable flexibility in physical processes. The aerospace industry has been an early adopter of smart manufacturing.

Research by Capgemini found that, as of March 2017, 62% of aerospace and defence companies had a smart manufacturing initiative. This figure was higher than those in the automotive, energy/utility, and consumer goods sectors.

Michele van Akelijen, managing director of show organisers Tarsus F&E LLC Middle East, says, “Smart manufacturing is having a game-changing effect on the aerospace industry.

“Dubai Airshow has always been the place to discover the latest industry innovations, and the addition of smart manufacturing to the show’s features ensures that our attendees will continue to benefit from cutting edge expertise.”

The aerospace industry has also been an early adopter of using 3D printing for manufacturing processes. Emirates Airline is using selective laser sintering (SLS) to make cabin parts for its aircraft, such as video monitor shrouds and air vent grills.

The Dubai Airshow 2019 will also feature the Space Conference and Pavilion, Cargo Connect, Airport Solutions Dubai and Global Ait Traffic Management.