EEAA welcomes the expansion of Melbourne Convention Centre Australasia

The Exhibition and Event Association of Australasia (EEAA) has released a statement welcoming the recently completed expansion of the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC).

The MCEC completed the A$350m expansion earlier this week. It comprises a total of 20,000sqm, with 9,000sqm of exhibition space as well as a theatre, multiple meeting rooms, a banquet room, a café and a bar. The expansion ensures that the MCEC remains Australia’s largest events space.

EEAA chief executive Joyce DiMascio commented: “The increased events space is anticipated to attract more events to Australia and improve our business events competitiveness.

“Around the country state governments are all being asked to consider the venue requirements for the business events sector in the future.

“The latest investment by the Victorian government will help the exhibitions and events industry enormously, and demonstrates the state’s continued recognition of business events as a driver of the Victorian economy.”

The expansion was funded by the 2015-16 Victorian State Budget in partnership with Plenary Group and its private partners, with building works commencing in 2016.

The new space is anticipated to generate an additional 74,000 international visitors every year, resulting in an annual A$167m (US $125m) boost to the Victorian economy.

MCEC trust chairman John Brumby said: “We’re incredibly proud of our expansion and the benefits it will bring for our customers, our city and our state.

“A project like this involves a lot of different people and I think the success of this building is a testament to the strong engagement among key stakeholders throughout planning and construction.”