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Logistics providers are doubling their efforts to produce technology that runs from transit to booth in the pursuit of becoming the perfect partner for organisers.

If one thing was made clear in the last UFI Barometer survey, it is that organisers and show directors are increasingly embracing digital requirements by investing in new technology and staff with new skillsets.
It follows then that the companies supporting their businesses will evolve to keep up. Exhibition logistics companies play a crucial role in the success of events, and it appears digital tools are very much front of mind.

Agility Fairs and Events is in the latter stages of developing an ‘onsite logistics’ system that will be progressively deployed throughout its relevant offices The system enables Agility to track client shipments all the way through to the stand “and will ultimately allow us to enhance efficiency streamline our operations and improve our services to our clients”, according to European regional director David Richards.

Agility says that despite the onus being on cold hard technology, the path to success winds through a softer landscape – as only a well- trained workforce is ultimately capable of reacting to the ever- changing business environment.

“Our challenges come from venues, organisers, exhibitors and other clients, and each are unique. As a key supplier we are required to operate an agile business structure and have strength in our operating capability to implement the correct solutions,” says Richards.

Technical solutions are also a driving concern for global managing director of Trade Fairs & Eents at DHL Trade fairs, Vincenzo Scrudato

“Digitalisation wears on in all sectors and covers the complete process, including the ‘last mile’ onsite,” he says. To provide our customer with the highest visibility along the transportation chain we use latest technologies and a state- of the art IT system which allows online tracking via web browser or mobile application.”

Volume measurement is another example of technology being employed by D Trade airs typical manual process has been changed to a ore efficient more accurate and less error-prone process by a technical solution. We are the first one using this system on-site which makes us faster especially in the time critical phase just before and right after an exhibition says Scrudato.

Digitalisation is the primary focus of DB Shenker’s product strategy too. Matthias Dornscheidt, VP of trade fairs & exhibitions and head of business development says that due to the growth in venues (especially in Asia) and an often limited space on and around the venues, they are constantly challenged on their logistics performance, in particular traffic management.

“Increasing traffic and congested venues are a problem,” he says of the system currently in use at the fairgrounds in Berlin, Essen and Utrecht.

“Our system is web-based to optimise the traffic flows on the trade fair venue through slot allocation for delivery vehicles.”

Read the feature in Issue 2 of Exhibition World, here: http://joom.ag/Gy6Y/p58