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Earlier this month, to mark GED18, Italy’s AEFI hosted a government advocacy event in Rome. Following the Rome event, Exhibition World spoke to AEFI to learn more about the Italian trade fair sector in 2018.

Key numbers of the Italian trade fair sector in 2018

Exhibition space

  • Total: 4.200.000 sqm;
  • Indoor: 2.270.000 sqm

Number of exhibitions in 2018

  • 908 Total
  • 209 international
  • 210 national
  • 400 regional/local*
  • 89 organised abroad*

International exhibitions in 2018: 209 mainly referred to the sectors: Textiles, Apparel, Fashion (15%); Leisure, Hobby, Entertainment (14%); Jewellery, Watch & Accessories (8%), Food and Beverage, Hospitality (8%); Engineering, Industrial, Manufacturing, Machines, Instruments, Hardware (8%);

Other key figures:

  • Total number of exhibitors: 200.000
  • 96% of the Italian International exhibitions are hosted by AEFI member venues, and among them, 50% are organised by their own.
  • Number of exhibitors at International Trade Fairs: 98.000, about 28% coming from abroad
  • Total number of visitors: 22.000.000
  • Number of visitors to International Trade Fairs: 13.000.000, of which 10% coming from abroad
  • Business deals for ›60bn* are sealed every year during Trade Fairs
  • 50% of exports are generated from contacts made during Trade Fairs
  • 75,3% of companies recognise Trade Fairs as an essential tool for development, direct contact with the market, and communication of their business competencies. At the same time, they are an opportunity to actively seek potential buyers.

* AEFI estimates

Regarding the digital infrastructure, Fiera Roma made a huge investment in its Wi-Fi network and high speed fibber optic cable wiring: each Pavilion has up to 10,000 connections simultaneously.

Rome’s rich tapestry of ancient history, monuments, people, and culinary heritage formulates an ideal destination for those with a thirst for world culture. Apart from the Colosseum, the Pantheon, and St. Peters, make time to see a 2,000-year-old pyramid, walk along the Appian Way, and around the Coppedè district; and find time to relax at the Parco degli Acquedotti.

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Pictured: Exhibition World attended the event in Rome, representing the UK’s exhibition industry, with Iain Stirling, global portfolio director speaking on the panel.