Eurostand is bringing iPad displays to life World

iPads are an essential interactive marketing tool for businesses, often used on exhibition stands, or in retail, hospitality and other public environments to help companies attract and engage visitors and customers.

Eurostand, a major supplier of iPad display holders, has recently joined forces with ProInteractive, one of the UK’s leading tablet software providers. Their interaction software for iPads and cloud-managed platform is currently used across the UK in a wide range of environments. The software compliments Eurostand iPad holders and is ideal for increasing customer interaction and ROI.

ProInteractive can easily be customised to reflect a company’s branding and targeted message.

There are six modules that can each be activated (or deactivated) according to requirements. These are:

  • Social feeds module – This displays social feeds across the main social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. It syncs activity made directly to social media pages and shows real-time updates, providing an effective way to build a social following and convert footfall into likes and follows.
  • Sign up module – This feature can securely and efficiently capture valuable visitor data for mailing lists. The data feeds back to the cloud platform where it can be accessed and exported.
  • Feedback module – Companies can collect instant feedback from users through conducting surveys. An open comments section allows for personalised feedback. This module helps to understand areas for improvement and can increase employee performance if using to evaluate business operations.
  • Video content module – An option where promotional videos can be displayed to improve the customer journey and increase brand engagement.
  • Custom module – Provides the opportunity to add a bespoke icon and text for multiple uses, such as directing the user to an information point or digital menu.
  • Browse module – This links to a company’s website content, for visitors to engage with.

There is a single central cloud platform to control one or even 1000s of tablets, making it easy to add or remove content or edit settings quickly. Devices can be selected and edited independently or in groups.

The data captured can be actioned and analysed to understand ROI and user engagement. ProInteractive is committed to data security and privacy and will comply with the GDPR regulations that are coming into effect this month, May 2018.

For more information on iPad display holders and the software, visit the Eurostand website