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Introducing the 2018 World Exhibition Stand Awards (WESAs), as featured in the latest edition of Exhibition World magazine, online now.

Every year there are more than 31,000 exhibitions around the world, 260 million visitors, and more than 4.4 million companies exhibiting. With over 1,200 exhibition venues that have at least 5,000sqm of indoor exhibition space, our industry is ever more global and ever more sophisticated.

Even in the digital age, exhibitions remain as a powerful marketing tool, while other traditional forms of media have declined. Some 80 per cent of businesspeople agree that a person spends more money with companies that they have met face-to-face, and face-time at exhibitions facilitates the exchange of knowledge between exhibitors, visitors, influencers and thought leaders in the industry. These meetings take place in remarkable and unique settings and Exhibition World is launching a new set of awards to celebrate exhibition success where it matters most – exhibition stands.

Exhibitors are the life-blood of our industry, so it is essential we recognise and celebrate effective exhibiting. Amazing brand experiences, stunning architecture, creative design and storytelling mean exhibitors get the results they want. Whether looking for sales, raising brand awareness, positioning as a thought leader, it is agencies, creatives, designers and builders whose vision and professionalism make those stands possible. These awards celebrate creative and design effectiveness.

Whether the stand is in London or Dusseldorf, Singapore or Sao Paolo, Shanghai or Chicago. Whether they are 9sqm or 900sqm, fashion shows or food shows, construction or technology, global events or regional ones – great stands make a difference to client outcomes. It is imperative, as an industry, we praise the creative and marketing effectiveness, and those who help to create it. Which is where the World Exhibition Stand Awards (WESAs) comes in.

The World Exhibition Stand Awards is a brand new set of awards that celebrate the very best in exhibition stand design and experience – whatever the show, wherever in the world, whoever the client.

The World Exhibition Stand Awards will uncover the very best stands from around the world. Judges will be looking for design concepts which create unique user engagement, fulfill clients’ briefs and use innovative architecture and technologies. The story behind the design is as important as the design.

A category for every type of stand
There are 20 categories in the awards – covering every size of exhibition stand, style of event, sustainability, reusability, architecture and storytelling.  What’s important is the ability to demonstrate live marketing effectiveness. Great use of design, interesting materials, powerful graphics, smart technology, whatever helps brands and organisations connect with audiences face to face will be celebrated in the World Exhibition Stand Awards.

What’s important is creative effectiveness.

A truly international awards
Exhibitions are the international marketing medium and these new awards are as global as the industry. All entries will be featured within the online gallery. All shortlisted and winning entries will feature in a major print publication titled The Best Exhibition Stands in the World, which will be distributed with Exhibition World, and will be sent to the Event Directors of the world’s leading 500 brands.

Recognising the finest exhibition stands in the world
The World Exhibition Stand Awards will put you among the the world’s elite. A ‘WESA’ will become the benchmark of exhibition stand excellence and effectiveness. A sign to your clients and potential clients that your creativity, design and execution are of the very highest standard. Stand out from the crowd with independent acknowledgement of your creative solutions.

Reflecting the whole industry
The World Exhibition Stand Awards aren’t just for the big players in the industry; they are specifically designed to reflect stands of all sizes, creative solutions to real event challenges.

There are dedicated categories that reflect smaller stands, reusable stands. The process is simple and straightforward and the winners will be showcased through truly global media.

World Exhibition Stand Awards – created to celebrate, acknowledge and reward creative excellence in exhibition stand design.

Make sure your stunning stand designs get the recognition they deserve.

The Judging Panel
The WESA judging panel is made up of some of the most senior figures on the global international stage, some of the brightest minds and most experienced: Global exhibition organisers, major venues, trade associations and representatives of some of the biggest brands in the world. Together they bring huge knowledge of the business of exhibitions and vast experience of the challenges and opportunities faced by exhibitors. No representatives of agencies or design & build companies will be allowed on the panel in order to ensure complete objectivity. Full details of our judging panel will be announced shortly.

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