Freeman has appointed designer Bruce Mau as its chief design officer.

Freeman created this new role at the company and appointed Mau to its executive committee.

Mau is the co-founder of the Massive Change Network, which promotes the transformative power of design thinking to generate new ideas and help institutions and businesses innovate.

He has worked with companies including Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, MoMA and Herman Miller; as well as countries such as Guatemala, Denmark and Saudi Arabia; and alongside star architects Frank Gehry and Rem Koolhaas on design thinking collaborations.

Mau and his team are currently working with Walt Disney Imagineering, and he designed a master plan for Mecca to re-imagine this historic site for the next 1,000 years.

“We are thrilled to deepen our relationship with Bruce Mau as part of our journey to bring design thinking to our company and our community,” said Joe Popolo, Freeman’s CEO. “Bruce is helping Freeman transform itself and innovate the brand experience category, and this move will accelerate that process.”

Bob Priest-Heck, Freeman’s president and COO added: “We know that our channel drives markets, accelerates new ideas, stays in front of trends and creates the next generation of thinking that will spur growth and create global wealth. As audience behaviors change, there is an opportunity for our entire category to redesign the experiences we create, future-proof the brand experience channel and attract a new generation of attendees. We are committed to investing in our channel and to lead change for the industry as a whole.”

Tom Hall

Editor, Exhibition World