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Generation game: IACC survey measures event planner attitudes

A dislike of telesales and rise in preference for online communication are among the trends revealed for event planners in Australia and the Asia Pacific region, survey results show.

The International Association of Conference Centres (IACC) asked corporate meeting planners about their preferences for receiving information from event suppliers.

Trade shows were the sales tool of choice for Generation X meeting planners, aged 33-46, to source suppliers, including venues.

However, Generation Y planners, aged 18-32, preferred to attend promotional events at venues instead.

Telesales was the least preferred option for all cohorts, including Baby Boomers aged 47-65, which accounted for 25 per cent of respondents.

IACC chief executive Mark Cooper said it was the first time the association had surveyed event planners in Australia and the Asia Pacific region, after similar surveys had been carried out in the Americas and Europe.

“There are some important differences highlighted in terms of preferences and priorities expressed across generations,” Cooper said.

“These findings will prepare meetings industry suppliers and allow them to tailor their offering to accommodate the individual needs of each generation of planners.”

The online survey of 12,000 meeting planners, conducted in partnership with Development Counsellors International and Biz Events Asia, received 220 responses from planners in Australia, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia and Singapore.

Ninety-one per cent of respondents expected to business in English when booking a meeting overseas, compared to 85 per cent of European organisers in a 2013 survey.

Results showed Generation Y buyers, which accounted for 28 per cent of respondents, placed the highest importance on a venue’s technology infrastructure, while Baby Boomers, aged 47-65, listed location as their top priority.

Baby Boomers were the most frugal of all cohorts when choosing a venue.

Meanwhile seven out of ten planners said they considered the age of event attendees when choosing an event location.

Details: download the full survey results

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