The 2018 UFI Digital Innovation Award RegionWorld

The 2018 UFI Digital Innovation Award recognises new technologies designed to support the exhibition industry.

The UFI Digital Innovation Award is one of UFI’s many annual competitions that recognise and reward people in the exhibition industry for successfully implementing creative and results-oriented initiatives.

Industry 4.0 can offer many benefits to improve operational efficiency and create exceptional value and experience for our target groups by using new technologies like Artificial Intelligence, IoT or Big Data.

Are you on the way to offering your customers a truly “Exhibition Industry 4.0” experience? What is your solution to optimize efficiency, make the life of our customers easier and make their R.O.I even better?

Send us your solution on how, through innovative technology, change was brought to your operational processes and/or systems and how this transformed business for the better. Include case studies as examples of the solutions specific to the exhibition industry that have been implemented, the challenges that were faced and the outcome as well as the result of the implementation.

The following questions must be addressed:
• What drove you to develop a new programme/tool?
• What were the main objectives?
• Which value added services did you seek to provide?
• What measures did you take to reach those objectives?
• What were the specific challenges faced? How were these overcome?
• Were your objectives reached?
• What relevant results can you share?

Application & Procedure:
Applicants must provide a summary in English, describing your entry to: by 19 March 2018.

This summary must be in English briefly describing your entry; programme objectives, the actions undertaken to reach those objectives and the qualitative and quantitative results obtained. The entry must be a maximum of six pages, including graphics. In all cases, only the first six pages of the summary will be taken into consideration as competition entries.

The UFI Digital Innovation Committee will evaluate all the entries and vote for the winner. The vote will be based on the following criteria: originality, strategy, effectiveness, improvement in terms of services, results achieved and added value for the company. The 2018 UFI Digital Innovation Award winner will be invited to prepare a detailed PowerPoint presentation providing an in-depth description of their winning programme.

By participating in this award competition, the winner agrees to present his winning programme at the 2018 UFI Digital Innovation Focus Meeting in June 2018.

This competition is open to UFI members and non-members (exhibition organisers, operators of exhibition centres and service providers), on the condition that entries are exhibition-related. Participation in this competition is free of charge for UFI members. Non-members are required to pay a EUR100 (US$123) participation fee.

The winner will receive one complementary registration for the UFI Global Congress in St. Petersburg, Russia, in November 2018. They will be officially recognised as the award winner during this congress, and will have the possibility of presenting their award-winning ideas during the Best Practices Special Interest Group, an integral part of the congress programme.

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