IMEX uses RefTech event management system World

IMEX has announced that its new event management system for 2018 will be based on EventReference, the developed by RefTech.

IMEX will be extending EventReference with custom-built modules and will use it to manage all online interaction with visitors, hosted buyers and exhibitors – including all registrations, the management of hosted buyer travel and diaries, and the exhibitor directory.

EventReference is an off the shelf event management tool available to event organisers on a sliding price scale.

Carina Bauer, CEO, IMEX Group said: “EventReference is the best system in the world for our needs. We have worked with RefTech for a long time and we know we are in good hands: Simon is very skilled at listening to what we say we want, and then figuring out what we actually want.”

Simon Clayton, chief ideas officer, RefTech said: “We’ve been working with IMEX since 2001, so the original bespoke system we built is starting to show its age. IMEX had the choice of having another system custom-built completely from scratch, or to use EventReference as the powerful ‘engine’ and then for us to build the custom ‘coachwork’ around it.

“We’ve been creating event management tools for almost 20 years and we have applied all this knowledge and experience to EventReference, so the move was a ‘no brainer’ for them as it is the best possible option. Every single person attending IMEX in any capacity will be using EventReference to register, manage and plan their visit.”

The transfer to EventReference will be complete for IMEX America 2018.

Tom Hall

Editor, Exhibition World