Cvent CEO talks Brexit and future acquisitions World

Cvent’s CEO Reggie Aggarwal discussed its $1.65bn acquisition by Vista and reflected on Brexit.

Speaking exclusively to Mash Media TV, Aggarwal said: “We were proud to get a 70 per cent premium to our stock price, the highest paid to a company valued over £1bn since 2002.”

Aggarwal, who recently oversaw a merger with Lanyon, added that nothing beats face-to-face in terms of ROI, before insisting the company is committed to the UK despite Brexit. “The British economy is strong. This is our HQ for the entire European market. The tailwind is pushing the industry towards more technology and automation.

“We’re an acquisitive company and can get new product out to 30,000 customers,” the CEO notes. “No one else is putting more into their engineering effort and our 30,000 customers give us thousands of data points of what they’d like to see. A 700-strong client service team is a more than healthy back up.”

The Cvent London office now employs 85 people. Cvent employs 850 engineers and 600 client service staff.

Tom Hall

Editor, Exhibition World