Ungerboeck releases exhibition ‘life cycle’ suite World

Ungerboeck Software has released a set of new products that ‘redefine’ Ungerboeck’s end-to-end exhibition platform.

The integrated platform is designed to allow organisers to manage all touchpoints and tasks

The unified, web-based software suite allows for the management of tasks including visitor acquisition, connections, registration, check-ins, exhibitor leads and event analytics.

“This complete package has been more than three years in the making,” said Ungerboeck Software CEO, Manish Chandak. “It’s been well worth the wait to deliver such a thoroughly modern solution for exhibition organisers that significantly reduces the cost of ownership and wasted technology integration cycles as they try to digitise the entire process flow and create amazing experiences for their visitors and exhibitors.

“From a technology standpoint, we offer a rich set of tools that make it easy for our customers to integrate with a variety of marketing, digital or ERP solutions. Our modern APIs also allow our customers to leverage all the data in our databases to provide unique digital experiences,” said Ungerboeck VP of engineering Chris Bell.

All of the latest innovations are connected to Ungerboeck’s back office exhibition management platform giving end-users a single source of data for all of their exhibition activities.

“Our solutions enable exhibition organisers to truly embrace the digital transformation by uniting key operational elements with engagement solutions,” said Ungerboeck VP of product management Mike Johnson. “It does an exhibition organiser no good to capture critical event data through an attractive front-end but not manage that information in a powerful repository for insights and analytics. For the first time, with Ungerboeck’s full exhibition suite, we allow them to have the best of both worlds.”

Tom Hall

Editor, Exhibition World